On his first Anniversary as BizSugar Moderator!


It’s Duncan Campbell, BizSugar Moderator Extraordinaire!


With over  votes cast and almost  comments of support, feedback and critique given…




…if you are a regular poster at bizsugar.com,

…you probably have Duncan Campbell to thank for some of the success you have found. Duncan goes by the moniker “businessavante” on BizSugar. 

But don’t take my word for it. Go check your posts; I’m sure you will see the scores of votes and comments, perhaps hundreds, which you have received from Duncan!


Headquartered just outside of Akron, Ohio…

The home of the Goodyear Blimp…


Duncan is enjoying his retirement after two decades in the medical profession among his various professional pursuits.

And day after day, he spends hour upon hour,

Fastidiously reading YOUR BizSugar business submissions and providing valuable feedback and encouragement all in the name of supporting you and building a great online business community!

Among his interests are: the 8-Course Rennaisance Lute , playing the guitar, and collecting swords .


So, for all that he gives to us, the members of BizSugar…



…let’s all give a big shout-out to Duncan!



You can show your support by voting for this article on bizsugar.com. Please leave any and all comments there!

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